Play Online Sic bo at the USA Casinos

American players will be pleased to know that the online casino world has welcomed Sic bo as part of their game variety. As with most online casino games it’s all dependent on how lucky you are. If you don’t recognize the name at first it could be because it goes by few other names including tai sai, hi-lo, dai sui or big and small. On our site you will find a list of the best American Sic bo online casinos to choose from ensuring a hassle free online casino experience.

Sic bo promises hours of uninterrupted mobile casino fun. It’s been around for hundreds of years and will be for hundreds more to come. Getting the hang of it is super easy. In no time will you be enjoying your favorite new online casino game. American players will find the payouts extremely rewarding and range from 1:1 all the way up to 180:1 payout. This online casino favorite is played with 3 dice. In land based casinos the dealer will spin the dice and release them on a board. Same goes for online casinos in America, other than the fact that the dealer won’t be a real person. The dice will be scrambled electronically and will then land on a board. Before this happens you will have to place your bets.

You can either bet on the total amount of all 3 dice added together or you can bet on 2 specific numbers, or on a combination of numbers. The beauty of this game is that you get to place more than 1 bet, this way increasing your chances to walk away with more winnings. If you doubt your Sic bo skill and haven’t never played the game before you can use your free casino credits to play a few rounds that you will receive when you register an online casino account at one of our listed American online casinos.

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Online Sic bo Odds

When playing online Sic bo the first bet you need to know is the single bet. The single bet is when you bet that the dice will land on a specific number. 1 dice with your number displayed will payout 1:1, as you can imagine, if your number lands on 2 of the dice you will get paid out 2:1, 3 dice with your number on it is the sweet spot and you will get a 12:1 payout.

Step a little closer and up the stakes with online Sic bo. Double bets are next on the table. When you bet that 2 of the 3 dice will land on a specific number then this will be a 10:1 payout. The king of all bets is the triple bet. It’s what it says it is. Put your bets on that all 3 dice will land on the same number and that lump sum payout will turn into a massive 180:1. Then there is always the ‘small and big’ bet, this is when you bet on all 3 of the dice and that they will amount up to a small number of 4 – 10 or a big one of 11-17. Combination bets get placed on 2 specific numbers, payouts for this is 6:1. The last bet is the total bet. That’s when you bet on all 3 dice ranging from 4 -17.

Make sure you choose one of our listed online casinos in America to play Sic bo and you could double your winnings in no time.