The Best in US Online Roulette

Many casino players feel rather intimidated by roulette. We tend to steer clear of these fast paced games if we’re not 100% sure how to play the game, and also don’t want to look inferior against the high rollers that frequent the table. Fortunately for you playing any casino game online is a lot simpler, and can hide your persona if you’re a little shy to begin with. For years this casino game has been associated with the rich and famous but don’t let this deter you, it’s actually a very simple game to master, and once you have the US$ will come rolling in.

We have reviewed many online casinos and have listed the best roulette online casinos that accept players from the US for you to choose from.

This popular casino game has featured many times in various famous movies so even if you haven’t played the game you should be familiar with the roulette table. The table is represented by a wheel, along the edge of the wheel you will see many numbered slots either in red or black. There is one other spot along the wheels edge that is green. If you are playing European or French roulette the numbers range between 0 to 36, and if you are playing the American version the wheel will have an extra numbered slot with a double 0.

Once you’ve chosen one of the best American online casinos to play roulette at, and you’ve registered an account you will most likely be rewarded with free casino credits. Keep these handy in the case that you want to try out a few games before playing for real money online. Most American online casinos also offer a live dealer roulette version that allows you to be part of the hustle and bustle of a real land based casino via video streaming.

Roulette is simple, there isn’t much too it really. You will first need to decide which colour or number you would like to bet on. Once all bets are in the virtual croupier will spin the wheel and release the ball that will travel in the opposite direction. If it lands on the number or colour that you predicted you have won. Your chances of winning are great, just make sure that the ball doesn’t land in the green slot marked zero, here the odds are not in your favour and you will lose your bet.

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Online Roulette Odds

Lots of money can be won when playing online roulette. The secret to this game is to throw your inhibitions out the window and take chances. Your betting amount doesn’t have to be large in order to win, however the higher you bet the more your chance of winning increases. The bet with the highest payout is when you bet that the ball will land on a specific number, if you get it right the odds payout a massive 35:1. If you bet on the ball landing on a specific colour the payout drastically decreased to 1:1 however the chance of winning on this one is a lot bigger than if you were betting on a number.

Take a chance and try your luck to win big with online roulette. Choose one of the best online casinos in America to play at, to ensure a hassle free gaming experience that could bring you big wins.