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Craps might be one of those gambling games that you have seen people playing on tv or at the movies, where people throw dice onto a strangely shaped table with everybody crowded around watching. But you have no idea how the game actually works, let alone have you ever tried to play it! If the thought of learning how to play the game in front of a large crowd of very loud people has put you off even thinking about trying it out, then an online casino is the absolutely perfect place for you! We have found the best US online casinos for you and listed them on our site, so that you can have very quick and easy access to the various casinos who offer the game of Craps.

The great thing about online gaming is that it is the perfect place with the best learning environment for you to try new gambling games for the first time. There will be no pressure from people sitting next to you, and you are able to make reference to the rules, strategies and tips while you are playing.  While you are learning, if you feel brave enough to place a few wagers, you might even win while you are learning. This just seems like the perfect answer to learning this amazing game.

Often the most confusing part about learning any new game is getting to know the weird terms or words that are used in the game. Take the game of Craps for example. The shooter, or the person who is rolling the dice, is able to place various wagers. The shooter is able to place a bet on the Pass Line or alternatively on the Don’t Pass Line. These bets can be played when betting on the outcome of a round. The shooter has a Come Out roll, where 2 of 5 dices are chosen, and the rest remain in the stickman’s bowl.

If you are getting confused already, please don’t worry at all! This is the beauty of playing Craps at one of the top real money US online casinos. It is the perfect place to discover and learn about this new game. You can learn the rules as you go along and as you play. The game software will even prompt you as to what you need to do next! When making wagers, it is so easy to just look up the different options as you go along, and then test them out in order to learn them. Take it slow, try new things out, and before you know it you will be playing this game as if you have known how to your whole life!

TOP online craps CASINOSDecember 2023
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We know how important internet safety and security are to the modern online gambler, both in terms of your money, and in terms of your personal information. This is why we have tried out and tested many online casino websites, and why we present to you only the top performing US online casinos so that you can rest assured that the software that is being used is safe. So don’t delay in signing up at one of the top US online casinos, and enter into the wonderful world of online Craps.